LAHORE - Pakistan Electric Power and Supply Company (PEPCO) is busy in restoring electricity in the flood-hit areas, damaged due to excessive rains, as the company claimed that it had completed almost 90 per cent restoration work in this regard. The company said that as against the present estimates of Rs.10/11 billion, the damages could have exceeded Rs.30 billion. It is also pertinent to mention here that PEPCO carried out all the restoration works despite absence of infrastructure like roads, railways, bridges and relying solely on its own infrastructure, human resource, equipment and logistical arrangements. The restoration work especially in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa/PESCO area and Southern Punjab/MEPCO posed formidable technical, logistical and environmental challenges. Grid Stations and critical Transmission lines had been washed away, while thousands of HT/LT poles along with distribution lines had disappeared. According to preliminary estimates, around 7,000 transformers,600,000 electric meters,66000 HT and LT structures , 1000 KM of conductors have either been swept away or have been rendered permanently inoperative. Damage has also been caused to 220 KV grid station Shikarpur, 132 KV Gujrat South,132 KV Grid Station Jampur, 2 Nos. 66 KV T/Lines, 2 Nos. 33 KV T/Lines, Grid Station at Madyan and Haripur,14 other Grid Stations,132 KV T/L Kohat Kalaya, twenty 132 KV and 66 KV Towers,132 KV Grid Station Thull, 132 KV Grid Station Karampur 132 KV Grid Station Qazi Ahmad,132 KV Grid Station Humayun and the 132 KV Grid Station at Sohbatpur. According to initial reports received from PESCO, 2000 distribution transformers were damaged. Additionally, 200 KM of HT line and 160 KM LT line is damaged. One 132 KV grid station at Madyan has been completely washed away and another power transformer at Haripur has been damaged. Various other transmission lines have also been damaged at several points. Mr Abdul Hameed Khan XEN and Mr Ataurehman Line Superintend of PECSO sacrifice their lives while restoring the 132 KV double circuit Kot Addu -D.I Khan transmission lines. An important segment of the 132 kV Mardan-Noushera-Jehangira Transmission Line in the PESCO area was washed away by flood waters. The supply of electricity to the effected towns and areas was immediately provided through the alternate line available for emergencies. As many as 610 transformers of various capacities were damaged in the limits of FESCO. In addition to this, 385 HT and 378 LT structures were also damaged. Its employees have carried out FESCOs restoration work falling under its jurisdiction promptly.