ISLAMABAD Finally the hawks in the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party came in full command of the things and with the blessings of President Asif Ali Zardari and majority of the top leadership were preparing for showdown with the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Sources aware of the developments taking place - following the signing of the summary moved by Ministry of Law and Justice to the Prime Minister regarding the reopening of the Swiss cases wherein it made it clear that only the Parliament could decide about the Presidential immunity and the apex court could not do away that - informed TheNation that now Government was categorical in its stance of saying 'no to the apex court regarding the reopening of the Swiss cases on the plea that being the head of the state President Asif Ali Zardari was immune to trial of criminal cases anywhere. The sources further informed that it was decided in the select meeting of PPP leaders that the ongoing controversy over the reopening of the Swiss cases should be given the impression of tussle between the apex judiciary and the Parliament and not a matter of a person-specific case. These sources further informed that the Government in its reply to the apex courts direction requested for deferring the matter of reopening of the cases till the completion of the constitutional term of President Asif Ali Zardari and as he was part of the Parliament so the Courts direction would be in contravention with the supremacy of the Parliament. The sources further said that the Government could also take the view that only the Parliament could take some decision on the Presidential immunity and apex court could not alter it. Sources in the party further informed that the Government would further inform the Court that they would be fully implementing the apex courts order and would continue to do so in future as well. Sources in Pakistan Peoples Party further informed that the legal team of the Government was working on a number of other plans as well and they would now show little leniency to the apex court regarding the 18th Amendment case for which Senator Mian Raza Rabbani would be given a go-ahead signal to fight for the supremacy of the Parliament. To have the full backing of the Parliament behind him, the meeting of dysfunctional Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Reforms was called so that the whole Parliament would be standing behind him when he would be defending the amendments in the Constitution passed under the 18th Amendment. The sources in the Government informed that PPP wanted the make it a showdown between the Parliament and Supreme Court of Pakistan and they were pushing the things in that direction. In the Central Executive Committee meeting of the party held at the Presidency, the whole PPP leadership had put its weight behind the President and made it loud and clear that they would not bow to any pressure when it come to the person of President Asif Ali Zardari.