ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Friday, asked all the NRO beneficiaries enjoying government portfolios to voluntarily resign from their positions. PM Gilani while speaking on the floor of the Upper House adopted a hard tone, in an apparent move to rescue his partys co-chairman and President Asif Ali Zardari from the possible wrath of Supreme Court. He said that the President was an important organ of the Parliament and enjoyed immunity under the Constitution. He said that the President, National Assembly and Senate were the important parts of the Parliament, which could not be run in the absence of any one of its pillars. The President is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and a symbol of Federation, he added. He said that the Parliament had granted immunity to the President and if it wanted to withdraw the immunity, it could do. He said that the Constitution bestowed powers on the Executive, the Parliament and the Judiciary and the Parliament had to decide which institution should enjoy what powers as these powers were derived through the Parliament. He termed it a prerogative of the Parliament to amend the Constitution if it did not want to give any powers to any institution. We should give respect to every institution and (by every institution) it does not mean only Judiciary and what about the Parliament and other institutions, he asked. Therefore, we should respect all institutions but under the ambit of the Constitution, the PM said. He said that if some one had a complaint, he should go to the independent courts adding that they had been facing the courts earlier and would face again. I would also ask all the NRO beneficiaries holding the government positions and assignments to voluntarily resign from their positions, he said. The PM said that the government respected the courts and when the Supreme Court in its decision reverted the promotion of the Federal Secretaries, it was in line with upholding the SC decisions and his government framed new promotion rules in the light of direction of the apex court judgement. He informed that DG Haj, Makkah was being called back on reception of complaints as well as on the recommendations of the Standing Committee of the House concerned. At the same time, he also assured the Upper House that the government would take up Dr Aafias case at political and diplomatic levels with the US for her repatriation in Pakistan after a US court convicted her awarding 86 years of imprisonment. He said that he had talked to Interior Minister to make efforts for her repatriation as soon as he heard the news of her conviction by a US court. He said that if there existed no agreement on exchange of prisoners between the two countries, they would have to undergo a fresh agreement keeping in view its pros and cons.