LAHORE Pakistan Tehre-ek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan while strongly condemning the 86-year sentence to Dr Aafia Siddiqui announced that his party would launch a countrywide protest campaign against the US court sentence. Addressing a news conference at his residence here Friday, Imran said that the US court verdict against the innocent Aafia would further the hatred against the Americans in Pakistan. He said that the nation would never compromise with the US on the fate of their daughter. He said that protection of life and property of the citizens was the governments responsibility and likewise that of overseas Pakistanis, but in the case of Dr Aafia it seemed that the government did nothing and just made hollow claims. Aafia is the daughter of the nation, and all-out efforts should be made for her early return, Imran averred, announcing that his party would continue its struggle till the return of the daughter of the nation. The rulers should feel ashamed that they could not convince the Americans for the release of Dr Aafia, even though Pakistan had been working as frontline state with the US in the war on terror. When asked about the change in the current set up, Imran Khan said that midterm polls were the only way to save the democracy. He also said if the political forces really wanted to save the democratic system they should realize the fact that the midterm polls were the key to the solution. The politics of double standards should be ended now, he added. The PTI Chairman further said that the incumbent political set up had failed to deliver at every front and change of guard was necessary to save not only the democracy but the country as well. Replying to another query, Imran Khan said that the government continuing its policy of delaying tactics to avoid the orders of superior judiciary, while the stated policies of the current set up would not prove fruitful for it.