LAHORE - The districts on right canal known as the rice belt in Sindh has suffered the most due to flood, as the rice varieties of Irri 6 and 9 have been washed away. This was stated by the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Unisame) in a statement issued on Friday. It said in spite of this damage the country is in a position to export limited quantities of non basmati rice and as such Ministry should not ban export of non basmati rice. Rather it should allow export of value-added non-basmati rice in consumer packing only to encourage value addition, it added. Thawer invited the attention of Amin Fahim to the fact that exporters have obtained export refinance against export orders and any hasty decision of the govt without consulting the SME rice processors and exporters would cause setback to rice industry and huge amounts of banks would be blocked.