LAHORE - Conservative member and founder Chairman of the Friends of Pakistan Committee in the European Parliament Sajjad H Karim has reaffirmed his continued support for helping Pakistan gain greater market access to the EU. He made these comments while speaking at a luncheon meeting hosted in his honor by the Pakistan Business Council. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Karim highlighted the options that were being debated in Brussels for granting Pakistan a one off, time bound access to the EU markets for its textiles. This onetime concession was being given to help mitigate the colossal losses which have been caused by the recent floods and is part of the EUs efforts to help rehabilitate the flood ravaged economy. Replying to a query regarding the possibility of converting this one time wavier into a longer term measure, Mr. Karim was of the opinion that though this looked difficult at the moment, it could be achieved if Pakistan continued to build on the groundwork done by the Pakistani delegation headed by the Foreign Minister which recently visited some important European Capitals.