I know President Zardari is a Sindhi but has he forgotten Sindh and Sindhis? This is what Mai Allah Wasayee, a flood victim from Khairpur Nathan Shah, said to me in Sindhi while she showed me around her grubby relief camp in Larkano district. Although I am back in Islamabad now, the words of that poor village woman are still a crying echo in my ears. People of Sindh are convinced their leaders dont even bother thinking about them. They simply dont care. They promise to help people if they were voted into power but now that they are ensconced in high offices, they have forgotten the people who put them there. They are all the same and that is why Sindhis remain poor and largely unrepresented. Sindh is rich in resources of all sorts. Take for an example one PARCO oil field of district Dadu whose suspension of oil due to flooding has caused a petrol crisis in the whole country. Sindh produces revenues worth billions of dollars from more than 30 such oil fields located within its precincts. Dozen of other oil and gas fields located within are not even being explored. The Sindhi people, though, are wallowing in misery and are as poor as poor leadership can cause a people to be. We simply dont have the leadership that could take us to the promised bliss of the Sindhi romance, lore and poetry. Most Sindhi leaders, for example, have about four or five mansions each with big businesses at home and abroad. That is where they luxuriate when the poor of their villages are clamouring for access to clean drinking water. No surprise, then, that Sindhi President that we have now lives in a mansion as big as Aiwan-e-Sadder and so do his ministers. They all follow the President in sending their children abroad to study in prestigious foreign institutions while children in their villages back home are dust and debris of streets because their parents cannot afford to pay for school fees. Sindhi people are poor and would continue to be poor if we, the Sindhis, are not ready to change Sindh says a professor of a local university. Poverty at present is seen to be believed. Children are sold for money here. Go to any relief camp in Sindh today and you would find hundreds, if not thousands, of flood victims who go to bed hungry, as do their children. Dozens of unclaimed little children are found playing in dust in every camp, no elders to care for them. The flood victims are faced with conditions so horrible that it is difficult to describe. Dozens of children, women and elderly people are dying from a combination of disease-infested water and malnutrition. This, while the HIV AIDs continues to kill Sindhis in record numbers. This, while Sindh rules Pakistan The President is Sindhi, Chairman Senate a Sindhi and Speaker National Assembly is a Sindhi too. Prime Minister and almost all of his cabinet are nominees of the biggest party that supposedly represents Sindh in federation. -HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, September 21.