ISLAMABAD After Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani unequivocally asked the beneficiaries of defunct National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) on Friday to resign, there were reports that President Zardari had finalised a list of 242 functionaries who would be shown the exit doors. According to a private TV channel, the President has finalised a list of incumbent government functionaries who had benefited from the ill-fated NRO. Presidential Spokesman Farhatullah Babar was not immediately available for comments. Meanwhile TheNation has learnt that the President and the Prime Minister had resolved during their meeting on Wednesday that the NRO beneficiaries would have to go by the spirit of the apex courts verdict against the Ordinance. According to sources, the Government came up with the summary on the cases against the President in the Swiss courts after this decision to take a firm stand on the Presidential immunity under the Constitution and give out an honourable or at least safe exit to rest of the fellow beneficiaries. Although President Asif Ali Zardaris name is on the top of NRO beneficiaries, yet he takes his case for granted under the immunity provided by the Article 248. However, the rest of the beneficiaries including Interior Minister Rahman Malik and Secretary General to the President Salman Farooqi would have to go. That is why the list of beneficiaries finalised on Friday night, according to a private TV channel, did not include the name of the President in it, however it includes names of three Pakistani diplomats Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Husain Haqqani and MB Abbasi. According to sources, the first 'casualty under Wednesdays decision taken by both the President and the Prime Minister to get rid of NRO beneficiaries became Secretary General to the President Salman Farooqi. According to well-placed sources, Farooqi left the country Friday evening apparently for medical checkup for a week or so as he requires occasional treatment abroad. Sources were of the view that the he was accorded honourable exit according to Wednesdays decision. NAB has sent a list of 242 NRO-benefited officials to the Prime Minister which has been sent to the Law Ministry for scrutiny. This list was sent to Establishment Division two days ago which has now reached the PMs House. The other key figures whose names are included in the list include Adnan Khawaja, former MD OGDC, Pakistans executive director in World Bank, Javed Talat, and Siraj Shamsuddin, Pakistans executive in Asian Development Bank. Pir Mukarram Shah, ex-husband of Farzana Raja, is also an NRO beneficiary. The PM has told the Senate that this list has been sent to the Law Ministry for scrutiny.