As always, China, our genuine, age-old friend and a towering world power that does not throw its weight around for the recognition of its status, has asked the US to respect Pakistans sovereignty and territorial integrity. Beijing deemed it necessary to remind the US of this basic principle of international law following the steep rise in tension between Washington and Islamabad, which unless defused could give the US an excuse to take an irrational step that could have dangerous consequences. In utter disregard of Pakistans role in the fight against terror, Admiral Mike Mullen had levelled the baseless charge of ISIs active support to the Haqqani network militants, who the US wants the world to believe, are operating from North Waziristan against the NATO forces across the border, and Defence Secretary Panetta had warned Pakistan that if it did not take an armed action against these 'militants, it would itself do so. The Chinese are also sending their Deputy Prime Minister, accompanied by a high-level delegation, to express their solidarity with Pakistan at this critical time. At the same time, it seems quite clear now that, as Prime Minister Gilani had told Iranian President Ahmedinejad in a recent visit to Tehran, the government has finally made a paradigm shift in its policy towards the US. Recent events have laid bare the American designs in the region that are indisputably against Pakistans national interests, leaving no room for Islamabad to continue with the policy of a close alliance with the US. Following Foreign Minister Khars blunt warning that if accusations against the ISI of waging a proxy war did not stop, the US stood in danger of losing Pakistan as its friend and ally, COAS General Kayani has given vent to his anger and resentment against such statements. Obviously, recalling the discussion he has had with Admiral Mullen on the scores of occasions they had met, the General revealed that the Admiral knew very well, which countries had contacts with the Haqqanis. He categorically denied that the ISI was fighting a proxy war against the NATO-led forces as well as the allegation of its support to the Haqqanis, and wished that the blame game came to an end. We have had enough of the American trickeries commitments of abiding friendship alternating with threat of aggression and even actual violation of sovereignty. It is high time we changed the course of foreign policy and unhesitatingly committed ourselves to the revival of the spirit of deep understanding and economic and military equation with Beijing that had previously prevailed between the two countries. China has never been found wanting and has invariably lent its support to us. With this message and a nation determined to defend its sovereignty against the US aggressive designs, the present danger will pass off in course of time.