It is heartening to learn that Governor of Punjab Sardar Muhammad Latif Khosa has recognized the vital importance of Kalabagh dam and has stated that it may be named by some other names to remove the stigma of Kalabagh dam. He has suggested some names but the most suitable name would be Benazir dam to suit the personality of shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto for commemoratingher name in the history of Pakistan.Moreover the said dam is in fact Benazir with no other site comparable to it. This is the most highly studied dam for which World Bank would have no qualms about financing it. Governor Khosa ought to follow the idea of the above dam and carry it to fruition so as to get a credit of building a dam that would act as saviour of Pakistan. I wish Godspeed to Governor Khosa in his admirable mission. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, September 23.