Prime Minister Gilani deserves appreciation for his decision to call an All Parties Conference and also for urging President Zardari to convene a session of the National Assembly on Oct 3 in order to formulate a national response to the American military sabre-rattling as well as tackling the devastation caused by the floods. However, Oct 3 would be too late given the barrage of warning and brazen threats of direct military invasion by the US. There is need for the National Assembly representing the voice of the nation to urgently come up with a suitable response. The impression that the government has been only making light of these threats must be removed. The Americans would, of course, take us for granted in a scenario where our leadership is unwilling to take a firm stand. At the same time, it is a pity to see a a large section of the political class divided and unclear about the action to be taken to frustrate the US designs against our dear homeland. There are of course a number of options that can be exercised ranging from placing a complete embargo on NATO supplies, taking action against the drones that includes bringing down the intruding planes and parting ways with the US in its so-called war on terrorism. Most important is the fact that the stand should be taken from the position of unity so that the US should know that Pakistan means business and knows how to protect itself against its evil games.