LAHORE Relying on the directions passed by a full bench on May 12 last, a constitutional petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court alleging that President Zardari is grossly misusing the presidency for the purpose of his political party of which he is the Co-Chairperson. The petitioner through Advocate A K Dogar while referring to the said dated decision of the Lahore High Court submits that in serious violation of the said decision, the President is using the President House for the party meetings and to advance the political cause of his party at the cost of neutrality and impartiality for which a president is constitutionally bound to adhere. The petitioner said the decision had desired a halt to the use of Presidency for the political purpose observing that the use of the presidency for political activity, was inconsistent with the dignity of the Presidents House, neutrality and independence and could lower its esteem and sanctity. The petitioner has also assailed the dual office of Asif Ali Zardari as president and PPP Co-Chairperson to plead that the dual office has become a 'political controversy eliciting 'reaction from the Opposition side. Citing a few examples, the petitioner has mentioned about the recent 'political activity and political engagements of the president which he elaborately had with his own party men and partners in the government. On July 9, 2011,the president met with the newly elected members of the PPP AJK and authorised them to take decision regarding formation of the government and in the later days, held another high-level meeting with the PML-Q Chief and Senior Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi to discuss relations with the MQM. He held meeting with ANP leaders and later made a hard hitting political speech against Nawaz Sharif at Nuedero on the occasion of birthday of Benazir Bhutto. His remarks against Nawaz Sharif elicited strong reaction from the Opposition for indulging in politics to that end.