ISLAMABAD - President PML-Q (Likeminded) Senator Salim Saifullah Khan said Saturday that the US should stop blaming Pakistan, as over 35,000 Pakistanis and more than 8,765 personnel of Pakistans armed forces sacrificed their lives in the war against terror. Addressing a press conference, he said that Pakistans economy suffered over 68 billion dollars while the US annual aid for Pakistan was 1.5 billion, which was equal to nothing while keeping in view its sacrifices. Referring to US allegations against Pakistan about Haqqani network, Salim, who is also the chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, said If Haqqani group is operating against US in Kabul then what is the role of three lakh NATO troops against Haqqani group. He said the US was holding Pakistan responsible for its failure in Afghanistan. He added that the US before leaving Afghanistan was trying to make Pakistan a scapegoat and it would not hesitate to take any step in this regard. US President Obamas announcement for the withdrawal from Afghanistan almost 15 months before the actual withdrawal indicated the sign of their weakness, he observed. He said the Nato control on Pashtun-populated areas was almost zero and in such a situation the Haqani group did not need to search safe havens in Waziristan. Salim Saifullah further said the Afghan insurgents were attacking Pakistani boarders in Dir, Chitral and Balochistan but no step the US and its allies had taken to counter them. Pakistan since its independence is working for US interest. Pakistan signed defence agreement with US, but even then the US supported India in 1965 war and East Pakistan crisis. Pakistan fought against USSR in 1979 for US interests but what the West has given in reward to Pakistan for its sacrifices, he questioned. He added that if US could sign Civil Nuclear Agreement with India then why it was not allowing Pakistan for Civil Nuclear Agreement to tackle its energy crisis. He was of the view that Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar should cut short her visit and come to Pakistan to tackle the situation at this critical time in the country. He was also calling for an emergency meeting of Foreign Affairs committee. He urged the government to call All Parties Conference and formulate a comprehensive policy to cope with the prevailing circumstances. He warned US that any adventurism against Pakistan would be more harmful for it than for Pakistan. Kashmala Tariq, Dr Shahzad Wasim, Iqbal Dar, Javed Iqbal Khan, Yaqoot Jamil Ur Rehman, Amna Salim, Asia Azeem, Col. (R) Khalid Munir, Ajab Gul Surani, Malik Riaz, Rehmat Gul Afridi and Ramzan Bhatti were also present on the occasion.