OUR STAFF REPORTER NOORPUR THAL -Thal local circles have demanded the authorities concerned to intensify fumigation and spray in different areas of Tehsil. They also demanded to take extraordinary and immediate preventive measures, keeping in view the dengue mosquito attacked in the evening and morning. A source said the people of Thal suggested to the authorities concerned extensive fogging of Temephos in the lakes of Rangpur and Adhikot, ponds in Noorpur city and such other places in the Thal to stop expected outbreak of dengue fever instead of other insecticides like delta-methrine which might adversely affect the health of mammals. Earlier, the insecticides, delta-methrine, senithrine and permethrine were being used for fogging at ponds, drains, stagnant water pools etc., without considering the fact that the use of such chemicals may harm mammals. TMO Raja Zahoor Ahmad told The Nation, major public places had been selected for fumigation to combat dengue. Following new guidelines issued by Tehsil Municipal Administration, CO Unit has hired a fogging machine for fumigation, he said. He said the temephos was being used in Lake of Ranpur, Adhikot, water ponds and such other places. The TMO said all staff had been assigned duties in this connection, TOR and IFO had been assigned duties to supervise the fumigation drive in the Thal. In the meanwhile, the experts had warned people against setting their air-conditioners, between 15c to 28c as the temperature in this range was most conducive for dengue causing mosquito breeding, the source said.