It is most alarming to note that in an initial report on census compiled by the federal government, Punjabs population has been shown to have decreased by eight percent. The intent behind this questionable report is no secret. The province will be deprived of its rightful share of seats, in the National and Punjab Assemblies, and its share worth billions of rupees under the NFC Award and other resources distributed on the basis of the population strength will be reduced. It seems to be the work of the forces that have been trying to put Punjab at a disadvantageous position vis--vis other provinces, stealing its legitimate share of resources. Justification for cutting down the quota of gas and water given to the province could be found on the basis of a reduced population figure. Indeed Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif is on record having stated that a conspiracy was being hatched to deprive Punjab of its rightful share of resources from the divisible pool. It is incomprehensible how Punjabs population has decreased by a hefty eight percent, while the trend in the country has shown a big increase. The insufferable situation in Karachi has also compelled a number of industries and people to shift to Punjab. There should be proper investigations into the preparation of this report and the elements responsible for fabricating these statistics should be duly taken to task.