ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan on Saturday released detailed district-wise break-up of the Electoral Rolls 2007, the number of unverified voters in ER 2007 and newly augmented voters in Electoral Rolls 2011. These details are also available at the ECP website The Electoral Council of the ECP had decided in November 2009 to revise the computerised Electoral Rolls, 2007 in collaboration with NADRA using their CNICs as a unique identifier. Secretary ECP Ishtiak Ahmad Khan said that the ECP handed over its database of Electoral Rolls-2007 to NADRA on February 11, 2011 for verification of voters against their database. NADRA reported back on 05/03/2011 that out of 81 million voters registered in Final Electoral Rolls 2007, 44 million voters were verified against CNIC database whereas approximately 37 million voters were not verified which was made public by the ECP through a press release dated March 8, 2011. According to details of these unverified voters, over 50 per cent voters in Balochistan and Sindh, 45 per cent voters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 40 per cent voters in Punjab were unverified. Of 60.5 million voters in Punjab, 8.3 milllion are unverified, of 10 million voters in KP, 4.6 million are unverified, Sindhs 19.5 million voters had 9.7 million unverified voters while 4.2 million voters in Balochistan had about 2.8 million unverified voters. Islamabads 481000 voters had over fifty thousand unverified voters. After deletion of these 37 million unverified voters from the Draft Electoral Rolls, 2011, NADRA added 36 million who had obtained CNICs after preparation of Electoral Rolls-2007. NADRA can provide evidence from its database with regard to 37 million unverified voters as well as 36 million voters who have been added into the Draft Electoral Rolls, 2011. The Secretary ECP drew attention to section 26 of the Electoral Rolls Act 1974 according to which An electoral roll shall not be invalid by reason of any misdescription of a person enrolled thereon or of omission of the name of any person to be so enrolled or of inclusion of the name of any person not so entitled. Therefore, the Electoral Rolls, 2007 will remain intact until the electoral rolls being revised are finally published in 2012 by the Election Commission of Pakistan. It may also be recalled that after release of information about unverified, deleted and augmented voters in March 2011, one Mubasher Lucman filed a constitutional petition No. 23/2011 in the Supreme Court of Pakistan seeking deletion of unverified voters from the Electoral Rolls, 2007. The ECP informed the apex court that necessary steps were being taken in collaboration with NADRA to revise the Electoral Rolls-2007 so as to clean them of all multiple entries and those who have died during the last three years and also to add those who had become eligible to be enrolled as voters. The apex court, after recording the statement of the Secretary ECP, disposed of the petition vide order dated March 31, 2011 and directed the ECP to fulfil its Constitutional commitments as early as could be possible. Imran Khan, Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf, also filed a constitutional petition No. 31/2011 on 7th April 2011 in the Supreme Court for deletion of the unverified voters from the Electoral Rolls-2007 and incorporation of new eligible voters verified from NADRAs database. The ECP apprised the Supreme Court that the unverified voters had already been deleted from the Draft Electoral Rolls, 2011, 36 million had been added therein and that the same would now be verified through door-to-door verification.