Our Staff Reporter KARACHI - SITE Association of Industry Chairman Abdul Wahab Lakhani has sharply reacted over eight hours loadshedding in two spells daily in industrial areas by KESC due to alleged drastic cut in gas supply by the Sui Southern Gas Company to power utility. KESC has emailed the message to the SITE Association office wherein schedule of industrial loadshedding is stated. Lakhani he failed to understand the reason of loadshedding. gas supply from two gas fields was tripped yesterday, but there was no total stoppage of gas. Moreover as per the understanding with the KESC, in emergency cases they are obliged to supply uninterrupted power by using alternate fuel which is furnace oil, and not to resort to loadshedding and cripple the wheels of industry. He further said that SSGS is working on fixing the cause of tripping and by Monday the gas supply would be normalised. Since we are already in the last quarter of calendar year the factories are busy to meet their export targets before the international markets go on Christmas and new year holidays, and we are afraid our market will be lost if we do not meet our commitments. Apart from this, non exporting industries in Karachi also have to suffer huge monetary loss as well as production loss due to abrupt loadshedding and unplanned spacing by KESC and supply of gas with low pressure. Lakhani urged the Minister for Gas and Power as well as the Sindh Chief Minister for the resumption of normal gas and power supply to industries in Karachi to avoid total ruin of Karachi industries and a blow to export.