Great questions and expectations are being addressed by intellectuals around the world but scholars in my country appear to have opted for mimicry instead of creating relevant ideas. It appears our intellectuals have a genetic problem with their thinking faculties? Answer to this defining question must come from concerned quarters to enable us to understand as to why new ideas have become a taboo for our otherwise talented population. Kegley Jr and Wittkopf in their famous book titled World Politics have pointed attention to ten questions facing the 21st century. The questions pertain to national interest, war, terrorism, secessionist movements, human rights, globalization, realism vs. liberalism, the world preparing for the wrong war, end of history and reordered global agenda. The list of above questions may be too big and too complex for our research scholars. To expect them to answer these questions may be asking for the moon. Let me therefore narrow down my expectations. May I ask our think tanks including university area study centres whether they have produced any worthwhile research to provide policy guidelines to our political leadership. There is no need to name the problems facing Pakistan because they are too obvious to need listing. Political leadership should ask these think tanks to justify the enormous expenditure being incurred on them. Our problems are larger than life but the solutions being proposed by our Google controlled researchers are smaller than the growing challenges. Great challenges/questions are confronting small minds in this country .What a shame B A MALIK, Islamabad, September 2.