OUR STAFF REPORTER KOT ADDU - Ex-Punjab governor and chief minister Malik Ghlam Mustafa Khar has said that Pakistan needs leaders like Quaid-e-Azam and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for overcoming the crises as the country faces severe dearth of sincere and honest. He stated this while addressing a gathering at Dari 29,000 and later at the local press club here on Saturday. He said the present political leaders had given dacoits and thieves free hands and people could not sleep in the danger of them. He said that he had not come to you for the demand of votes but to save the people from thieves. Mustafa Khar added that corrupt leaders were ruining the country and they were not interested in the welfare of people as no one was ready to listen to the poor. He remarked that he had come to wake up the poor and his efforts were for them. The former Punjab governor warned Ladhani, Mohana, Sikhani and Bithar castes that they should end their activities otherwise they would be dealt with iron hand. He appealed to the public to form committees against culprits and he would help them. He further said that thieves and dacoits were out of the range of the police and even in the tenures of Ayube Khan, Ziaul Haq and Musharraf the practice could not be eliminated or stopped. Khar also went to the house of Ray Mohammad Yaar Parhaar, called as Baga Parhaar, to condole his death with his son Ray Farooq Parhaar. Malik Bilal Mustafa Khar, Abdur Rehamn Khar, Ray Jillani Parhaar and others were also present on the occasion. Meanwhile, a rally was taken out from Jami Shia and ended in front of press club after passing through Railway Road. The participants were carrying placards against Mastung incident. Mian Shafiq Azhar, Maulna Baqir Hussain Naqvi and Sayed Mureed Hussain Shah addressed the rally.