Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the UN General Assembly to applause, as he filed the application for the world bodys membership to its Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon. Palestine formally applied for full membership, up from the observer status which allowed President Abbas to address the General Assembly. The Palestinian readiness to accept a moth-eaten state, which lacked even contiguity, contrasted with the American intransigence in support of another intransigent entity, Israel, whose illegal occupation had created the Palestinian dilemma in the first place. From the time that the victors of World War I, in the Sykes-Picot Agreement, first acknowledged the Zionist desire to occupy the land of an innocent Palestinian people, to the support given to it after World War II by those who wanted to compensate for the Holocaust Hitler committed, and throughout the Palestinian struggle for liberation that followed thereafter, the USA has consistently opposed the Palestinian people. Mindless of the changes brought about by the Arab Spring and the justness of the Palestinian cause, highlighted by the untold atrocities the Israelis commit on the unarmed Palestinian civilians, the US support of Tel Aviv has not waned. Though Israel is hardly staying above the fray, the fight against the Palestinian application is being led by the USA, and it will be the USA which will cast the veto that will finally torpedo the application, adding to the many vetoes that the USA has cast in support of the Zionist entity and against the aspirations of not just the Palestinian people, but of all Arabs, Muslims and fair-minded people in the world. For Pakistan, the Palestinian issue has a particular resonance. The Quaid-e-Azam personally wanted Pakistan involved, not just because it was an Arab cause, but also because it had gone to the UN at the same time as Kashmir. That is another issue which has not been resolved, even though the UN should give it the same attention.