OUR STAFF REPORTER HUJRA SHAH MUQEEM - Dacoits, wearing police uniform, looted the house of Muhammad Nawaz here the other day. As per detail, a resident of adjacent village, Mauza Tibba Sham Ke Muhammad Nawaz was held hostage by six dacoits, wearing police uniforms. They awaked the family members and made off with Rs6000, six tolas gold ornaments and other valuables. The local police have not yet registered any case. inaugurated: A new branch of UBL was inaugurated by Multan Region General Manager Syeda Sajjeela Asghar here the other day. Speaking on the occasion, she reiterated that the UBL had provided best services to business community always. She said that ATM facility will be provided soon. The residents of the city heaved a sigh of relief on this grand opening as they had to travel to Depalpur or Rajowal for online banking facility.