ISLAMABAD - Former Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said Pakistan should be prepared for United States-sponsored sanctions. Talking to TheNation on Saturday, he said: Our partys position remained unchanged that we should not follow 'habit of dependence which amounts to surrendering of the countrys sovereignty, territorial integrity and self respect. Qazi said: We must not take further dictations. He was of the view that the nation of Pakistan was blessed with so much potential that it could achieve self-sufficiency in every field. He said: I am not against negotiations but the talks should be at equal level. We are a sovereign nation. He said in their centre of discussion they had adopted a policy of non-dependence in the long-term planning. Pakistan always progressed after sanctions. During the days of Pressler Amendment, Pakistan developed its armour technology, civil and military wing achieved new weapon systems, he said. He said Pakistan should not concede further - no matter it was intelligence sharing and military operations against Taliban were going on in the Federally Administered Areas. We have suffered too much in this game of 'war against terror, he added. Referring to continuous threats emanating from the US Capital of Washington, Qazi Hussain Ahmad said: Ignore them. They can not do any thing. The former JI Chief, however, expressed displeasure over non-responsive attitude of the political leadership.