LAHORE Though vehicle-snatching incidents in the City have increased alarmingly, the police (Investigation Wing) have showed 'good performance by submitting a less number of challans during the current year so far. Statistics available with the City police show that only 93 cars and 355 motorbikes were snatched from their occupants by dacoits and hardened criminals during the year so far. This is much less than the number of vehicles snatched during the corresponding period of the last year: 1,050 cars and 3,470 motorbikes. Out of the 93 incidents, the police submitted challans for only 25 incidents. Some 243 cases, out of total 355, of motorbike snatching are pending in the provincial capital. In the Cantonment Police Division alone, the ratio for challan submission has decreased by 20 percent as challans of only five cases were submitted. Some 25 percent decrease has been observed in the City Police Division; 2 percent in the Model Town Police Division; and, 3 percent in the Saddar Division. The ratio for the Civil Lines Police Division has presented an 'exemplary performance, according to official documents. This Division has submitted around 67 percent challans, showing an increase of 27 percent from the previous year. SP Investigation Captain Liaqat Ali Malik heads the Civil Lines Police Division. This visible reduction in submitting of challans by the Investigation Wing shows mala fide of the police otherwise each investigating inspector is bound to submit challan within 14 days of the incident under Section 167 of CrPC, said Ghulam Shabir advocate. He, however, said the police inspectors only submit challans in time if the complainants know about the law otherwise policemen linger on the matter for their vested interests. Shabir further said in most of the cases they (policemen) submit police report under Section 173 before the court. Again, if the complainant is educated they file writ petitions against the police report under Section 22 (A6) of the CrPC in the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge or the Justice of Peace. The police documents show 50 motorbikes were snatched from Cantonment, 91 from City, 19 from Civil Lines, 54 from Iqbal Town, 57 from Model Town and 84 from the Saddar Division. These motorcycles were snatched at gunpoint, which means the concerned police know about the whereabouts of the dacoits and other criminals, a retired senior officer said. The senior cop said nowadays people are being killed in front of the police, cars are snatched at gunpoint, houses are robbed and women are raped but the police are not touched.