Emma Watson wants to work on a Shakespeare adaptation. The 'Harry Potter actress has a long list of directors and actors who she would love to make movies with and admits her dream role would be in one of the Bards classic plays. She said: I would love to work with directors Baz Luhrmann, Guillermo del Toro, Richard Curtis and Darren Aronofsky. In terms of actors, I love Philip Seymour Hoffman, James McAvoy, Cate Blanchett and Dame Helen Mirren. Id love to do some Shakespeare one day and play Juliet or Ophelia. Emma has two movies coming up, 'My Week with Marilyn and 'Perks of Being as Wallflower and enjoyed the experiences of both movies. She told Britains HELLO magazine: In 'My Week with Marilyn, I play a wardrobe assistant on Marilyn Monroes last big film. Its a stellar British cast with a really great director in Simon Curtis. In 'Perks of Being a Wallflower, I play a girl who has had a difficult childhood and a hard time growing up and is desperately trying to turn her life around. Shes not been treated well by guys and has been made to feel worthless. EPS