ISLAMABAD - Ahmed Hamaish was not only short story writer but also one of the pioneers of Urdu prose poems in Pakistan, said famous poet Naseer Ahmed Nasir in his presidential speech in a condolence reference on prominent short story writer, poet and intellectual Ahmed Hamaish under the title "Yaad-e-Raftagan" arranged by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL).

Naseer Ahmed Nasir informed the participants that Ahmed Hamaish was also a good Ghazal poet. He was also writing a biographical novel. He urged the government to arrange the publication of Ahmed Hamaish's unpublished writings.

Ahmed Javed commented that Ahmed Hamaish's story "Makhi" is considered to be his masterpiece and will be remembered for long. He was also claimant of being the pioneer of Urdu prose poem in Pakistan. He remained cantrovential personality throughout his life.

Chairman PAL Abdul Hameed said that Ahmed Hamaish's services for the promotion of literature are commendable in the field of fiction and poetry but also in editing and research.

Muhammad Hameed Shahid said that Ahmed Hamaish is placed in the rank of major symbolic fiction writers like Sajjad Ahmed, Rasheed Amjad, Parkash and Balraj Manra etc.

His first collection of short stories "Makhi" made ripples in the literary scenario of Urdu in the decade of 70's. While his second collection came out in 1970 in which migration and debacle of 1971 were the major topics.

Parveen Tahir remarked that Ahmed Hamaish lived a long life but without making any compromise in any front of life. He remained in a suffering condition from within.

In the start of the programme Haider Farooq and Ahmed Ijaz rendered selected writings of Ahmed Hamaish. The Proceedings were conducted by Akhtar Raza Saleemi.