While formally accepting a writ petition, Azad Jammu & Kashmir High Court here on Tuesday ordered to serve contempt of court notices on a total of 22 persons including a dozen top officials of the Mirpur division and district including Divisional Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner for allegedly violating a judgment passed by the AJK High Court and upheld by the Supreme Court in a case related to the functioning of unlawful Online Ads Business ‘Click.’

A single-member bench of the AJK HC Mirpur Circuit, comprising Justice Jehan Dad Chaudhry, while ordering issuance of the contempt notices, fixed October 10, 2013 as the next date of hearing of the case.

Advocate Zulfiqar Ahmed Raja appeared in the court on behalf of a group of 10 petitioners.

The HC ordered issuance of notices to the officials besides four other persons involved in operating the Online Advertisement Business ‘Click’ on a writ petition seeking contempt proceedings against the officials including Commissioner Mirpur Division, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Extra Assistant Commissioner, ADC (G), SSP, DSK, SHOs of Police Station Thothal, Mirpur city as well as 10 owners of the  unlawful business groups including M/s Clink & Clicks, M/s Click Locker, M/s Sohail Rafique Franchiser, M/s. Shah Sawar Click Locker, Shazad Jarral Hifi clicks, M/s Zahid Mahmood Click & Earn, M/s. Ibrar Kiani Egza Clicks and others.

The petitioners’ Counsel Zulfiqar Ahmed Raja contended that one Muhammad Ziaul Haq had filed a writ petition in the HC with the contention that he had started the business in the name of M/s Nexus On-Line (Private) Ltd and the official respondents created hurdles in the business. However, the petition was dismissed on August 20, by the court and ordered the District Administration to take necessary steps for the recovery of the looted money the innocent citizens in the name unlawful online Ad business ‘Click’.

He maintained that instead of complying with the orders, the administration unsealed the offices of M/s Click & Click to facilitate them to continue their business by allegedly receiving illegal gratification and at the same time some of the money grabbers were made to escape and with some of them were promised protection.

Housing colonies for journalists: Acting Prime Minister Ch Muhammad Yasin said that the AJK government was making all out sincere efforts to facilitate the journalist fraternity to ensure encouragement and promotion of healthy journalistic activities in the region harmonious to the need of the modern age.

He expressed these views while speaking at a ceremony held at Kashmir Press Club Mirpur wherein allotment letters of residential plots at the newly-carved Journalist Colony (Media town) in Mirpur were distributed among journalists.

In his address of welcome, Press Club’s President Syed Abid Hussain Shah highlighted the problems being faced by the local mediamen and tabled various proposals for their solution. On the occasion, the Acting PM announced a donation of Rs1.3 million for the initial construction works at the Media town besides for the Press Club. He disclosed that the current fiscal year (2013-14) budget of Azad Jammu & Kashmir envisaged various steps to relieve all segments of the masses including the journalist fraternity of their miseries across Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Ch Yasin sought all out efforts of seasoned and senior journalists in AJK for the promotion of healthy journalism in view of the sensitivity of this base camp of the Kashmir freedom struggle. “AJK, the base camp of the Kashmir freedom movement, cannot afford the exercise of irresponsible journalism at this crucial stage of the freedom struggle”, Yasin said.

The Prime Minister continued that the state government has devised an integrated plan for the welfare of the journalist community under the prime spirit to encourage healthy journalism across AJK. He said that colossal funds have been placed in the current fiscal year budget for the betterment and uplift of the media-men both representing national and the State press throughout AJK.