People belonging to different walks of life said that suicide bombing in Peshawar church was a conspiracy against Pakistan, condemned attacks on worship places, and suspected foreign hand is in such incidents, shows a survey conducted on Tuesday.

They said that it was a conspiracy to sabotage the negotiations between the government and the Taliban. “On Peshawar’s church is an attack on humanity as Islam does not allow such inhuman acts and we are also with them in their hard time. The law enforcement agencies and leadership have failed to stop the killings of innocent people,” they said.

They also said that terrorists could not weaken the country. “We are Pakistanis and the country is our home. People who are behind suicide attacks do not have any religion because our every child is aware of Islamic teachings of equality. All the four holy books teach a lesson of love and peace. Extremists should be dealt with sternly. The government should increase the security of all the churches,” said the respondents.

Farooq Ahmed Khan, the executive director of the Cholistan Development Authority. said that every Muslim should live in line with the teachings of Quran and Hadith and Islam is the religion of peace and does not allows to hurt any non-Muslim.

Naeem Esa, Bishop of the desert, said that the attack on the Peshawar’s church was a conspiracy against the nation and the country. The attack at the time when the government was about to negotiate with Taliban arouses many questions, he added.

PTI Bahawalpur’s leader Sheikh Abbas Raza said that it was an attack on humanity as Islam does not allow such inhuman actions. He added, “We are also with them in their hard time. The incident was a worst example of terrorism.” Petor Arslanul Haq said that protection of churches and mosques is prior duty of the government. Saleem Bhatti, secretary information of PPP, termed it a conspiracy of the United States. A Muslim could not do this because Islam teaches peace and love. “Islam gives full protection to minorities. The murder of a human being is in fact the murder of the whole of humanity. Pakistan People’s party condemned this shameful act,” he said. “The attack is the worst incident of terrorism in the country, neither mosques nor churches are saved,” said protesters. They added that the government should take the effective steps to counter such incidents. At the end of the meeting, all the bishops prayed

for the families of the victims and

sovereignty of Pakistan.