Our TV commercials have become very materialistic, the whole family watches TV daily as well as they are repeated numerous times getting their message through. What is very sad in these TV commercials is that they are promoting materialism. What can one say about a country in which children get medals for having their cloths washed in expensive detergents and “A Hero” is one who has an expensive cell phone?

We are giving the wrong message to our youth through these often run commercials. Girls will get married easily if they use a certain kind of skin whitening cream? The imported commercials from India show scantily dressed females who display clean arms and rich shampoo, which can get them a ride in an expensive sports car, maybe with a well known personality?

We need to make TV commercials that give a positive message as well as reflect our true values and we do not compromise these in a run for competition with commercials shown from across the border, who display semi-nude actresses. The electronic media needs close monitoring and some kind of ethics, to ensure our future generations grow up having a conscious. There are many excellent commercials which bring across the right message but there is still need for the right direction.

Lala Rukh Paracha,

Lahore, September 21.