ISLAMABAD - Instead of accepting their failure and tender their resignations after failing to qualify for the Hockey World Cup 2014, the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) top brass has issued show-cause notices to senior players for poor show in the recently-concluded 9th Asia Cup in Malaysia.

What a great joke as the current PHF management has almost destroyed national game. Despite getting funds of millions of rupees, the performance of the national team going from worse to worst in the last five years. Above all, it was for the very first time in number of events that green shirts had scored more goals than conceding, a rare feat, which was not witnessed since long. This feat was only achieved due to the brilliant goalkeeping of veteran goalie Sulman Akbar, who stood like a solid rock against all the opponents and it was due to his exceptional goalkeeping, Pakistan team remained in the hunt till the loss in the semifinals. Instead of appreciating Salman for his tremendous work, the PHF had wasted little time in issuing him the show-cause notice.

It is hard to believe that the current management is still at the helm of the hockey affairs despite a change in the centre. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has taken over the reigns of the country and as a true sportsman, it was expected that the PM will take a very serious notice of the incumbent PHF top brass and order the sacking of the entire management as a patron-in-chief of the PHF, but to the utter disappointment of hockey lovers and the Olympians who had pinned great hopes with the PM of taking a positive step, nothing was done.

Qasim Zia enjoyed more than five years in office while Asif Bajwa although had finally resigned but he is still very much in the frame and dreaming of reoccupying top slot in the PHF due to his strong political connections in the ruling party.

The IPC Minister Syed Riaz Hussain Pirzada had sent a summery to Prime Minister and advised him to appoint ad hoc on PHF to streamline the affairs of hockey, but it seems Prime Minister had not intentions of streamlining the poor state of affairs of hockey and the current management is free to do what ever they want to do with this beautiful game, which is fast losing its charm in the country.

It is totally unfair to put the entire burden of defeat on the shoulders of players and get away with this childish act. The PHF president must accept his complete failure, as Pakistan team's international ranking has gone down ever since Qasim and company took the helm of affairs of the federation. They lack direction and don’t have any realistic plan to take hockey back to those heights which Pakistan team was once enjoying.

There is a limit to each and every thing, masses had waited with great patience for the last five years hoping that a change in the government would bring change in the fortunes of the national team, but their patience is running out fast. The time had already gone for the government to act, now its do or die situation as masses are not going to wait long for things to go in same direction. They demanded immediate action from the Prime Minister to safe the blushes of hockey and revive the game sooner rather than later.