Nawaz Sharif’s new youth package may serve the youth and make promises to them but to the common man this seems like another hoax to distract the public’s attention from its complete failure in meeting its promises made before the elections. In an attempt to sell of the few remaining government companies such as PIA, PSM and Pakistan Railways for peanuts or at any price that the government decides they had to throw some scraps to the nation! In the first 100 days of its rule PML-N has ruined the poor by increasing the price of staples and fuel thus making life a misery.

The horrendous increase in our internal and external debts by trillion rupees, more money spent on useless projects that will suite China, India, Iran, Afghanistan and USA while bringing ruin to our country. This government has only made plans which have made us vulnerable to the external and internal security challenges. PML-N has made deals with the deserters, who depleted our wealth by running away with millions of rupees. May the common man know what is happening in Tauquir Sadiq case or the Ephedrine case? Are we going to live without any hope? What happened to the promise of a new Pakistan? The police are still corrupt as are all the other government organizations. We the simple people of Pakistan would like to see PML-N bring some change instead of only making promises to the youth of handouts.


Dubai, September 22.