I have always been a brilliant student and worked hard to top all my classes. After topping the medical entry test in my district, I entered the world of medicine clearing the five years with distinction. I was one of the few who were awarded with medals, but after completing my house job for one year when I applied for the post of ‘Demonstrator’ in my own college I did not get the job. I found out that they selected some of my batch-mates. I cleared theory exam of SPSC for ‘Medical Officers’ after this and also cleared FCPS part-1. During my interview for SPSC, the first question the examiners asked me was why I want a government job? He then went on to say I should complete my FCPS training, the interview literally ended there.

After five years of rigorous education, one year of training and another year of FCPS studies I can’t get a government job because I have cleared FCPS part 01 exam and my own college is reluctant to give me a job! Why do parents spend their hard earned money on educating their children when there is a dearth of jobs? Now I am feeling insecure, what should I do? Should I also leave the country and serve another nation since my own country does not value me as a doctor?


Larkana, September 22.