LAHORE - Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar on Tuesday said that the whole nation was in deep shock and grief over the tragic incident in Peshawar, adding that it was an attempt to malign Pakistan.

He called the attack a cowardly act by those planning to destroy the country as well as disrupt peace and interfaith harmony in Pakistan.

He was addressing a 20-Member delegation of Pakistan National Forum led by Col.(R) Ikramulllah at Governor House, Lahore here on Tuesday.

Governor Punjab said this horrendous incident took place at a time when the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was going to New York to address the International Leaders in United Nation and British Home Secretary Mrs. Theresa May was visiting Pakistan. “The suicide attack at Peshawar Church, he added, was an attempt to malign Pakistan’s image abroad and to sabotage the proposed dialogue with Taliban at home.  “Our religion preaches respect for all religions and attack at any worship place was most abominable”, he said, adding that the enemies of Pakistan were bent upon creating instability and aim at destroying all efforts of peace.

Sarwar said that the whole nation would have to stand united to combat terrorism by supporting the Government’s strategy against the menace. He also stated that those behind the attack have no religion, as they just desired to create unsettle peace and interfaith harmony in Pakistan. He further said that he hoped that with unity and mutual efforts we will defeat extremism and will get out of present crises and challenges.