This is apropos a news report published in most of the national dailies (September 22) based on the bitter critique of PTI KP government by the former PPP provincial president Mr Rahimdad Khan for keeping a 'brigade of ministers and advisors'. I would like to inform him that the PTI government has time and again clarified that keeping advisers in various ministries in KP is no violation of the constitution, because they are not a burden on the nation's exchequer; they don't draw salaries as advisers, nor do they receive any perks and privileges from the government.

Now if the honorable Rahimdad Khan and his PPP cohorts are still not satisfied with this clarification or explanation then he and his political party, instead of wasting time and confusing the nation, must go to court and file a case. He has also criticized the PTI KP government for not taking any steps to stop terrorism in the province. May I ask him what steps did he and his political party take in their five year rule to curb terrorism?

PTI has a clear counter-terrorism policy known to all. They believe that the current ‘war against terrorism’ is American's, and not Pakistani's, and that the drone attacks must stop. On the other hand the former government of Zardari spoke to the nation, saying one thing while they spoke a different language to their 'masters'. It was Zardari, who following in the footsteps of Musharraf, colluded with the 'masters' against the nation by allowing them to continue drone attacks in Pakistani. I request Rahimdad Khan, and his PPP cronies not to fool the nation anymore! The nation has clearly rejected them and their revolting policies.


Charsadda, September 22.