KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly on Tuesday while introducing three bills asked the government to end the practice of dowry system, child marriages and ensure one-dish in the marriages.

After question-hour, the chair allowed the Sharmila Farooqui of the ruling PPP to move motion to introduce three bills. The House unanimously introduced three private bills “Sindh Marriage (Prohibition of ostentatious Display and wasteful expenses) Bill 2013, “The Sindh Child Marriage Prohibition Bill 2013 and “The Sindh Prohibition of Dowry Bill 2013”.

Meanwhile, the House witnessed difference of opinion and criticism between Provincial Minister for Women Development Rubina Sadat Qaimkhani and Sharmila Farooqui. Ms Qaimkhani also exchanged words in harsh tone with the chair as she insisted that being the Provincial Minister for Women Development, the chair should listen her first.

She said a bill had been prepared to end the child marriages, which was drafted after consultation with the female members of the house as well as the civil society members.

She while criticizing Sharmila said, “It is not good to see a dream in night and bring the bill on the issue in the morning in the provincial assembly.” Farooqui while responding to Qaimkhani said it was her right to dream of good things besides it was her right to bring the private bills for legislation in the Sindh Assembly.

Farooque while sharing the outlines of the three bills informed the House that maternal mortality rate is high in Pakistan especially in Sindh and that is because of early marriages of the girls. She said the age of marriage had been proposed 18 years for girls and boys in the bill while punishment was also enhanced against the violators of the law.

About other bill, she said dowry was a social evil which needs to be eradicated with strict punishment in the society. About ensuring the one-dish in the marriages, she said that there was a need to follow austerity in the marriages. After legislation, the House adopted five resolutions unanimously.

Through adopting a resolution moved by the Ms. Naheed Begum of MQM, the House opposes the present hike in the petroleum prices and recommended the Sindh government to approach the federal government for its reversal as it affects adversely to daily life of the common man.

In another bill of Dilawar Qureshi of MQM, the House recommended restricting movement of heavy vehicles including trucks, loaders, dumpers and oil tankers in the city especially residential areas from 5:30am to midnight.

Passing another resolution of Nusrat Sehar Abbasi of PML-F, the Sindh Assembly recommended the provincial government to take immediate and effective measures to curtail the rampant sale of intoxicative things, including raw wine, drugs, Sheesha at restaurants to the youths of the province.

She criticised the Sindh government, saying it was not taking any steps which irks the treasury, who while sitting on their seats responded in same manner. The House also adopted another resolution of Rana Ansar of MQM, which recommends government to fix age for marriage of 18 years for girl and boy in the province and take steps to eradicate the child marriage through legislation. The House passed another resolution of Waseemuddin of MQM, which recommends the Sindh government to establish fire brigade stations having adequate number of fire brigade vehicles with allied facilities in all the districts of Sindh.

Meanwhile, the House adopted all the five motions listed in the order of the day moved by Nusrat Sehar Abbasi of PML-F from opposition benches. In the motions, she asked the government to reduce the timing of loadshedding of electricity and gas to provide relief to the people of Sindh.

Through another motion, the House asked the government to ensure job quota for disabled persons and son quota. It also adopted motion opined that the government should ensure transparent use of funds on strengthening of embankments along the river through irrigation department.

Sindh Assembly while adopting another motion asked the government to control the price hike especially in essential commodities of life, which increase the miseries of people of province.

Meanwhile, on point of order raised by Abbasi of PML-F, Senior Education Minister Nisar Khuhro announced to hold inquiry into the allegations of former registrar against the Sindh University for demanding Rs4 million bribe to appoint him as pro-vice chancellor.

Following the issue raised by Ghulam Qadir Chandio of ruling PPP, Information Minister Sharjeel Memon said the federal government was doing injustices with Sindh in terms of not ensuring electricity and gas connections to the villages for which Sindh government already made payments in advance. He assured the House that government will approach the Islamabad to get its due rights.

Later, the Chair adjourned the proceedings to meet again on Wednesday (today).