The Minister of State for Water and Power Mr. Sher Ali has lamented that the government has to give Rs. 500 billion subsidy annually to produce electricity, which he said could have been used for better purposes. Perhaps the minister lives in an around-the-clock air conditioned bungalow, with free electricity, or he would have known that electricity is a basic human need. We are paying the highest price in the world due to our own defective government policies. So what he calls subsidy is actually the penalty the government should be paying for their own ineptitude and incompetence.

It is highly unfortunate that the federal ministry for power has discontinued its website (it is non functional) on which there used to be an email addresses of the minister and secretary. WAPDA itself is trying to distance itself from all the divisional electric power companies by declaring that these companies are independent and WAPDA has nothing to do with their failure. This seems highly ridiculous since these so-called companies are owned by WAPDA and the Ministry and such a declaration is tantamount to backing out of their responsibility.

The Prime Minister is requested to set WAPDA’s affairs right and order revival of its websites with a valid email address of all officials including the sitting ministers, secretaries and the chairman WAPDA.


Muzaffargarh, September 21.