Few days back, two young students Navroz and Fatima, about 15, committed suicide because they loved each other and their parents were the obstruction in their further relation. Either you call it stupidity or brainlessness, although you have to think about some more aspects of this story which are indirectly the main reasons of this accident.

The very important part of it is our media that is persistently showing those types of dramas, TV shows, that have stupid love stories rather than ideas and it encourages the stupidity of teens. Besides that, parents don’t have knowledge about the activities of their children and it is too late when they come to know and find their children in such a quagmire where it is very hard to pull them out. Then they just try to pull them out vigorously with knowing the fact that you can’t pull anything out from a quagmire in that way, it goes deeper and deeper! Afterwards these sort of heartbroken accidents occur.


Karachi, September 3.