Though Pakistan was founded by Quaid-e-Azam in the name of Islam yet it could not progress as a country where the government is supposed to run according to the Islamic teachings. Unfortunately Pakistan is heading as a country where despotic tendencies are more prevalent. Many readers may oppose my point of view but there are clear evidences of despotic tendencies growing in Pakistan. Dr. Naseer Ahmed Nasir has written about despotism prevailing in Jahilliyah period in his book “Last and the greatest Prophet” (pg 167-175). After about 1400 years the same tendencies are growing rapidly in Pakistan as well. We can easily make a comparison between Jahilliyah period and today’s Pakistan.

According to him, in Jahilliyah period, despot was all in all. Religious, lingual, ethnic, territorial and tribal differences were prevalent. People were not given freedom of speech. The class (despotic/elite class) which was involved in suppression of other classes was above law and the same law was not applicable to this class. Property was not divided equally among all classes rather it was concentrated within one class. Feudal lords were the rulers and cultivators were treated inhumanely.

Are these above situations not present in Pakistan? Pakistan is not progressing rather it is reversing to the Jahilliyah period. We got an independent country as a result of a slogan `Pakistan ka matlab kiya La Illaha Ilallah’. As a result Pakistan came into existence because Allah helped our leaders and forefathers. Our Forefathers had strong faith in Allah and they struggled for a land where they could follow Islamic teachings. Unfortunately we have actually forgotten our Islamic teachings and we are following the West. The nations who forget their history stand nowhere. It is critical time for Pakistan to build its government on Islamic structure otherwise we will never be able to overcome problems which our country is facing today.


Lahore, September 3.