Human Resources and Good Governance experts are of this opinion that it is sine qua non to apply sanctions uniformly and impartially against all public servants who ridicule or break the codes of ethics, it also pays to extend incentives to the good performers but unfortunately all otherwise happens in our unjust and discriminatory society where many organisations at the federal level are run without Employees Service Rules and avenues for their career growth.

Incentives need not necessarily be material benefits or cash rewards; a letter of commendation could also suffice. In Pakistan, good performers are never rewarded with incentives( so much so good performers are not even promoted in the next grade after the passage of fourteen years in the same grade) to boost their morale so that they could be encouraged to maintain their good conduct. When public servants realise that it does not really pay to be a good and disciplined worker, then they would have no motivation to maintain their good record. Here, corrupt to the core flatters are considered fit for incentives and also promotions. What a country and what ethics!


Islamabad, September 3.