Islamabad (PR) - CEO RIS, Walid Mushtaq and President RCCI, Syed Asad Mashahdi have signed a memorandum of understanding to create a corporate linkage between the two organisations.

The Roots International Schools (RIS) and Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) signed an MOU to create a linkage between industry and academia thus resulting in economic growth and stability in the country. Both the parties wish to promote and carry out collaborative activities in furtherance of common interest of the organizations, says a press release issued here yesterday. The purpose of this MOU is to exchange educational resource material of mutual interest, favour collaborative research projects and encourage its members to take part in conferences seminars and other professional activities organised by the institution.

This MOU obliges both parties to a certain set of rules which benefits each organisation and its members eventually. Roots International Schools is going to make it certain that they extend a huge wave off of admission fee to the children of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry employees and member along with other such waivers that will develop a settlement.

Moreover, Roots International Schools will provide RCCI extended cooperation in business, research and sharing of resources for the uplift of academic and business activities inside the country. The MOU signed employs RIS to identify challenges the corporate sector encounters in the area of Corporate Academia relationship hence, the students will make presentation on these challenges before joint sittings of Roots International Schools and the Rawalpindi Chamber, Commerce & Industries.

At Roots International Schools we create a learning community where students can fulfil their personal potential by contributing in quality learning experiences, prepare for a lifetime of trials and opportunities, and develop a personal vision of a preferred future. Being the pioneer in advance learning techniques, the students of RIS, with exceptional intellectual base, have managed to break the world records when it comes to distinctions and scholarships from international universities bringing home, pride for the institution.

Roots International Career Acceleration Program (RICAP) empowers students and alumni to translate their academic foundation, regardless of major or background, into professional success. Through industry-specific training, global networking connections, and opportunities to put a world-class education into practice, RICAP is helping students embark upon successful futures.

RIS will nominate suitable candidates for the internship programs in Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industries and file a signed letter of commitment with the students regarding their compliance with the rules and regulations of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry during internship.  In addition to this, the students of RIS will benefit greatly from work experience by putting theory into practice, eventually they shall be considered for job placements at RCCI if they fulfill their criteria and merit. 

The only objective of this MOU is to educate, motivate and inspire the future generations which will involve no financial liabilities on any party and it will come into effect from 21 September, 2015.