A: This is ridiculous. This Coke Studio massacre of the classics.

S: Oh not this again. From fusion cuisine go fusion music... you hate anything with that mixes different genres. Including the band Fuzon. Haha.

A: Look, the classics are called the classics for a reason. They are perfect. Why would you try to improve on perfection.

S: They may seem perfect to you, but everyone is not stuck in the past. The past is not as glorious for most of us. I thinks its brilliant that old music is being repackages so that its not lost to the next generations.

A: Why not introduce it back as it is.

S: Ameen there is so much content being produced these days that the old gets lost in the past. Think of it as a free market, where the best music gets popular. The only way to preserve our past is to merge it with the future.

A: Would it not be better to focus on what is good rather than what is popular.

S: Yes, you as an individual can choose not to listen to the new music, and have Madam Noor Jehan on repeat in your car, but todays music is produced for a variety of tastes. The popularity aspect of it is what will sell records. At least there is music being produced in Pakistan! Just be thankful for that, that we are not a pleasure-free cultural wasteland like many of our brotherly Muslim states.

A: I guess you are right in that. At least talent can be recognised here. I would like to hear actual music, not mashups and remixes. But at least music is alive here.