Mollana Syed Abu-l-Alla Maudoodi

Everyone is agreed to the issue of Qurbani.Muslims have been agreed to this issue since the beginning of 1st Hijri century. There is no difference of opinion or any disagreement regarding this issue in the whole Islamic history. The four Imam and Ahal-e-Hadis also agreed to it. Shia and Suni all accept it. The mujtehdin of past and all groups of present day accept it.

The Background of Qurbani

The Holy Prophet (SAW)selected that special day for Qurbani on which Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail performed the most magnificent deed of Islamic history. In easy words the old father became ready to sacrifice the life of his only son and the son when felt that it was the will of ALLAH Almighty he did not hesitate to lay his life. In this way the Qurbani is not only a prayer but also commemorates the same historical event. It reminds us that we should always be ready to sacrifice everything for ALLAH.

Any day of the year could be selected for giving sacrifice and celebration of Eid. But the Prophet (SAW) has selected a special day for it. When he was asked about the sacrifices he told that it was the Sunah of Hazrat Ibrahim. It shows that Hazrat Ibrahim had been sacrificing the animals every year on the same day.

Why was Qurbani Made Universal.

There was a logic to select the same day for sacrifice. After the migration when the event of Hajj took place. Muslims became restless that they could not visit Kaaba because of non-believers.

The Prophet (SAW) compensated it in this way that he made the days of Hajj the days of Eid for them in Madinah. He (SAW) advised them to recite……………….. after every prayer on 9 Zilhaj. Moreover on 10 Zilhaj when pilgrims offer sacrifices. They should also sacrifice the animals after the prayer.

The Real Spirit of Qurbani.

The method of Qurbani which was taught by the Holy Prophet (SAW) was that we should offer the Eid prayer and then sacrifice the animal. We should recite the following words before sacrificing the animal. “I completely devote myself to Him, who has created the earth and the sky and I am not among the non-believers. No doubt my prayer, sacrifice, life and death everything is for ALLAH, the most merciful. He is one. His order was given to me and I am the first one to obey. O,Allah! It is yours and and I present it before you.

All reasons are included in these words on which the order of sacrifice was given in the Holy Quran. It is declared in it that unlike the non-believers we offer sacrifice for Allah who is one. It is also described in these words that we are thankful to Allah who is one. It is also proclaimed in these words that we are thankful to ALLAH who has blessed us with the benefits of animals created by Him and we are offering it before Him. It is also accepted that we are offering the prayers and sacrifices according to His orders. The promise of prayer, sacrifice, life and death is given in it as was done on the same day when two persons showed practically that how was life and death for ALLAH.

The Quranic Orders of Qurbani and the

Logic Behind it

All forms of prayer that humans adopted for gods and godesses are abolished. They are devoted to Allah. Man bowed before false gods in the time of ignorance. Islam has dedicated it for Allah in the form of Namaz. Man offered money to gods. Islam implemented the system of Zakat.

The fasts of Ramzan have been made compulsory in order to prevent men from fasting for false gods. Hajj, Tawaf and Qurbani have been regarded compulsory. So that every prayer every deed can be dedicated to Allah completely.

Allah has created this universe. Man is allowed to have benefits from it. It is our duty that we should always pray to Allah and keep in mind this fact that we are not independent and owner of all creations. The confession of Allah’s superiority can be in many forms. In the matter of animals it is that we should sacrifice them in the name of Allah.

It is stated in Surah Hajj, Allah has surrendered them for you so that you can express His supremacy over that falah with which he has blessed you. There are the three reasons by which Allah tells us that Qurbani has always been compulsory for every ummah. A special method was told about it.

“We fixed a method of Qurbani for every ummah. So that they sacrifice the animals in the name of Allah.”

This method was also given for Ummat-e- Mohammadi as was given for the other ummahs.

“O Mohammad, say that my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death is only for Allah. He is one. I have been ordered for it. I am the first to bow before Him.

“Pray to Allah and sacrifice for Him’’

It was the general order for Qurbani in the Holy Quran. It was not told that when sacrifice should be offered, where and all other details were left for the Holy Prophet (SAW). The Holy Prophet (SAW) along with the Holy Quran was sent so that he could explain the objects and will of Allah.

The Prophet (SAW) did not leave the matter for the people that they offer Qurbani whenever they like but he fixed 3 days for it. So that all the Muslims of the world can offer their sacrifices in these special days every year.