LAHORE -  The Founders-PIAF Alliance is all set to make a clean sweep in Lahore Chamber’s elections being held on Monday (tomorrow) and Tuesday, as the Alliance has already won the seven seats of corporate class unopposed because the rival group is contesting only on a single seat.

Lahore Businessmen Front (LBF), which has been losing the LCCI polls for the last two consecutive years, has not fielded its candidates for seven seats of corporate class, contesting just on a single seat. Another loss the opposition alliance suffered was the merger of Progressive Group with the PIAF, parting the ways with the LBF and causing a dent to the opposition alliance.

Though the PIAF and Founders were on opposite platforms and contested against each other in the FPCCI polls yet these two rival groups remain united for contest of LCCI polls, said Iftikhar Malik. He said that keeping in view of the past experience, it seems difficult to cause a dent in the formidable unity of existing alliance of "The Founder' and the "PIAF" in the provincial metropolis and leading United Business Group in federation election.

United Business Group chairman Iftikhar Ali Malik, who is also leading the election campaign, said that majority of LCCI’s former presidents were in favour of continuality of the Alliance. He said the participation of large number of market representatives in all functions was enough proof to make the point that the business community wanted continuity in the policies introduced by the PIAF-Founders Alliance.

Group Chairman said that this time also a very tried and tested majority of candidates have been nominated by the Alliance. “We firmly believe in rule of law, promotion of democratic system and strengthening of national economy by safeguarding the interests of traders.”

He said that Alliance had decided to introduce sector specialists as their candidates for the LCCI Executive Committee with the sole objective to forward solid proposals to the government for economic progress and prosperity.

He said that the Alliance has been making a clean sweep for the last 13 years and this year it will follow the suit with a vast majority.

The opponent group is standing nowhere and it will be proved during the elections that PIAF-Founders Alliance is real voice of the Lahore business community. PIAF Chairman Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said that despite unprecedented crisis at national level, all efforts were made to restore the confidence of the business community.

Irfan Iqbal hoped the business community would repose confidence in Alliance in the larger interests of the economy of the country. He said that a large number of industrial associations have announced to support the PIAF-Founders Alliance for upcoming LCCI elections. He said the Alliance would continue to serve the business community in the larger interest of economy and would urge government to form business friendly policies.

Abdul Basit, who has also been nominated as LCCI presidential candidate, said he had never expected such a huge support of a large number of traders and industrialist during election campaign. He believed that PIAF-Founder Alliance will secure a thumping victory. He said I beg from the Almighty Allah to grant us the strength to serve the business community.

Abdul Basit said that Alliance will make its mark on September 26 and 27 by winning the LCCI Election 2016-17.

Lahore Businessmen Front (LBF) Chairman Amjad Chaudhry said that traders assured their full support and vote to the LBF, saying not to hesitate from any sacrifice for the welfare of the business community. He promised that his group after coming in to power would serve all small and big members of the LCCI without any discrimination.

Sardar Usman Ghani, another leader of the opposition group, said that the present government had levied a large number of taxes on the business community making it impossible to focus on their work. He alleged that the LCCI ruling alliance had never raised voice against it and working as B team of the government.

Mian Anjum Nisar, the PIAF leader, told this scribe that PIAF- Founder Alliance has provided a visionary leadership to the business community of Lahore and I am hopeful that this time also the Alliance will make a difference.

He believed that the Alliance has been serving the community with full zeal and zest and the Alliance candidates will make a clean sweep.