MULTAN-Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi anticipated on Saturday that India will disintegrate into 20 parts if it imposed war on Pakistan.

Addressing a Writers Convention organized by Pakistan Writers Wing and others here at Raza Hall on Saturday, he added that the media exposed the reality of Indian military might. He stressed that the nation needed to unite in view of threat from the enemy. He said that India had gone into serious isolation due to her coercive policies and even Saarc countries are not ready to stand with her today. He said that Hindu extremists announced Rs10 million as head money for Nawaz Sharif for raising voice for the oppressed Kashmiris but a cheap man like Modi did not worth even a single penny.

He said that American and Indian conspiracies against China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project failed badly on which both of them are irritated. He said that the US wants to maintain its power in the region through India but this strategy has badly failed. He claimed that the future belongs to Pakistan and “we would win wars on all fronts.”

He said that Modi considered himself the master of entire region but the current standoff unveiled the reality of Indian strength. He added that majority of the countries from Asia and Europe supported the viewpoint of Pakistan on Kashmir. He said that Kashmiris did not want to live with India as Kashmiri mothers buried their sons after wrapping them in Pakistani flags. He anticipated that Indian illegal occupation of Kashmir could not sustain any longer and the sun of liberation would dawn very soon.

Speaking on this occasion, the other speakers declared that the writers and thinkers of Pakistan would confront Indian media onslaught at all levels. They added that India waged a propaganda war against Pakistan and the time had come to retaliate enemy’s aggression.


The Punjab government’s programme to give motorbikes to the field assistants of Agriculture (Extension) Department has been launched and 66 bikes have been given to the agri officials of Multan.

Addressing the participants of the motorbike handing over ceremony here on Saturday, the parliamentary secretary for agriculture Punjab Rana Ijaz Noon said that the provision of motorbikes to the field assistants would help supply latest agri technology to the farmers, enabling the country to achieve the target of food security. He revealed that 2500 motorbikes would be distributed among the field assistants across the province.

He further disclosed that the registration for advancing interest-free loans to the farmers had also been started while a maga programme to conduct analysis of the land across the province had also been evolved. He said that the farmers were being connected to the internet for giving them access to latest technology with the help of smart phones.

Speaking on the occasion, Director General Agriculture (Extension) Punjab, Dr Anjum Ali Buttar said that the field assistants were striving hard to convince the farmers to get their soil and water of tube-wells analysed so that maximum yield could be achieved through balanced use of fertilizers.

Vice Chancellor of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Dr Asif Ali, EDO Agriculture Shafqat Hussain Bhatti and others were also present on this occasion.