LOS ANGELES: Kate Hudson was thrilled to land a role opposite her 'dad' Kurt Russell in Deepwater Horizon, revealing their time on set together was "rare and special".

The actors didn't spend much time together in front of cameras as they shot the real-life oil rig drama, but Kate admits it was magical to get the chance to work alongside the man who helped raise her after her mum Goldie Hawn and her biological father Bill Hudson split. "I knew the script was interesting and I knew I wanted to work with Mark Wahlberg and (director) Peter Berg, but I also wanted to be involved in this because of my dad," she tells InStyle. "It was great to be filming in New Orleans as a family. It was summer, so Pa (Russell) actually lived with my brother Oliver, who was shooting Scream Queens there. "They got a house together with Ollie's kids and I would bring my kids, so we made it a big family thing for about a month. I knew it was really rare and special."

"(Kurt and I) didn't really work together in scenes, but now we get to travel to premieres with each other to promote the film and that's really fun."

Hudson plays the wife of Wahlberg's real-life 2010 oil rig explosion survivor Mike Williams, and spent time with his wife, Felicia, before filming began.

"She was incredibly generous about sharing that moment in her life," Hudson adds. "Reopening that wound is not easy for people who suffer from traumatic experiences, but she is a strong woman. She was trying to hold it together for her daughter. And she represents what the family members of the rig workers were feeling at the time of the explosion, not knowing if your loved one was going to make it home."