LAHORE - PIA has rescheduled the timings of its flights from Islamabad to Gilgit, Skardu and Kabul today, September 25th, in the light of directives received from Civil Aviation Authority regarding closure of northern areas airspace.

A spokesman for the airline said that the flights would operate at following revised timings: Islamabad-Gilgit flight PK 607 will depart at 05:15am, while Gilgit-Islamabad flight PK 608 will depart at 07:00am. These flights will operate 1:15 hrs ahead of their scheduled time.

Similarly Islamabad-Skardu flight PK 451 will depart at 5:15am while Skardu-Islamabad flight PK 452 will depart at 7:00am. These flights will operate 4:45 hrs ahead of their scheduled time.

The flight PK 249 for the sector Islamabad-Kabul will depart from Islamabad at 08:50am while PK-250 Kabul-Islamabad will depart from Kabul at 10:45am (local time). These flights will operate with a delay of one hour.

The revised flight timings are for one day only.