KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that Pakistani political parties may differ on a lot of issues, but when it comes to dealing with a bellicose India, they are willing to bury their differences and put up a united front.

However, he vowed to continue his anti-corruption campaign saying that his war is for people of Pakistan and their future.

Talking to journalists, Khan said that 47 percent of the youth wants to leave Karachi, just because of unemployment which is the direct result of corruption and bad governance.

“Corruption of Rs12 billion is being done every day in Pakistan which is revealed by NAB, he said, this is more that our total tax collections, It's a saying of Maulana Roomi that nations are destructed where the difference between good and bad is eliminated,” Khan went on saying.

He kept on emphasizing his old stance on Panama leaks and said that he would not stand aside and wait till the new elections; but has no other choice to come out on the streets. We would stage a big political and peaceful demonstration to show the national state institutions that we are standing against corruption and we want change.

He said that Hassan and Hussain were students till 2000 and became billionaires in 2006, I will not discuss about the rest of their properties but how could they have possessed the money to buy Mayfair flats, in which Maryiam Nawaz is the beneficiary of couple of them.

“Iceland's Prime Minster resigned because his wife's name was in Panama leaks, he was not personally involved with any offshore bank accounts , its the same situation with Nawaz Shareef, his dependent Mariam's name is the leaks he should simply step down”, PTI chief added.

Answering to the questions raised by the Editors he said that if an escalated situation arises between India and Pakistan we will definitely call of our agitation and stand with our armed forces but I know for sure that there is no chance of war between us because India just wants to creature a heated atmosphere since it wants Pakistan to move away from its stance on Kashmir.

“We will obviously go to the Lahore high court and get a degree under the three articles of the constitution  which gives us the right to a peace full demonstration so that there can be no hindrance in our program,” he said.

Talking about MQM, Khan said that we welcome their move to disown militancy and this was the major difference with them, if are into clean politics we have no objection over it.

When asked about the third empire and who he had in mind; he said, he has always termed Allah as the third empire and it is his help he always seeks.