KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday claimed that his party would hold biggest ever rally in Raiwind on September 30.

Addressing media men at Karachi airport, Imran said accountability of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and corrupt elements was the only way to make ‘Naya Pakistan’.

He said corruption was the main reason for destruction of the country. “Nawaz and his corrupt team are destroying the democratic institutions,” he said, and added, “This has increased unemployment and inflation.”

He said the rulers tried to befool masses by building roads and calling it progress. “But I want to tell them that the elimination of corruption is the only way to make ‘Naya Pakistan’,” he reiterated.

He alleged that PM Nawaz and his family were involved in massive corruption and their names had appeared in Panama Leaks. “The time has arrived that accountability of rulers is initiated, and this should start from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,” he emphasised.

The PTI chairman said NAB and FIA had not done anything for the elimination of corruption, while the country’s judiciary should take action against the corrupt elements. Imran said that PTI had launched the movement for accountability since the rulers were putting pressure on the state institutions.

“PTI is the largest party of the country and rivals will see its popularity on September 30,” he claimed.

Imran further said that movement against the rulers had just begun and would continue until accountability against the prime minister kicked off.

He said all eyes were on PTI and the people wanted to get rid of the corrupt rulers.

Talking about PTI’s power show in Karachi, Imran said that his party had held a public gathering in the city to condemn the anti-state slogans raised by MQM founder Altaf Hussain. He said Altaf Hussain had been controlling the city from London for decades now. “Altaf forced the business community to pay extortion,” he added.

He termed it a good sign that MQM-Pakistan had disowned Altaf and his militant wing. “I appreciate the decision taken by MQM-Pakistan’s leadership,” the PTI chairman said, and added that there were many points in PTI and MQM’s manifesto that were similar, as both political forces desired betterment of the country.

Imran said that every political party raised funds. “PTI is an exception to the rule in a way that it is the only party which collects funds in a democratic way,” he claimed.

He said unlike MQM, PTI never collected extortion. “I am in Karachi to invite people of the city to join the Raiwind march,” he said, and added, “People of Karachi have always supported democracy and I am confident that they would participate in the march.”

In the end he asked the rulers to stop creating hurdles in the way of PTI’s march.