Everyone who grew up in the 90s has a vivid recollection of jamming to Spice Girls song “Wannabe” during their childhood. The catchy tune “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” and exquisite dance moves were everywhere from our telephone toys to that time we were convinced we would grow up to be a pop star.

This year, as part of promoting gender equality, which is one of UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development program, Global Goals remade the music video with a feminist perspective that included women from around the world and signs promoting gender equality.

It also generated the hashtag #whatireallyreallywant and here are some of the responses they got

What these women really really want is quality education, equal pay and an end to child marriages and violence for women all over the world.

One of the many Global Goals is to achieve 50% representation of women i.e. gender equality all over the world.

The United Nations program aims to have achieved this and other Global Goals by the year 2030.

People have been speaking out against all sorts of gender discrimination through the hashtag

A healthy body image and sense of self are some of the most discussed topics in feminism

And violence against women continues to be an obstacle in the way of gender equality

But people are willing to fight it one step at a time, be it domestic abuse, acid attacks, or child marriage

Even children’s shows like Sesame Street jumped in and contributed to the campaign

Needless to say, it was a pretty good run and definitely worked towards spreading the word

And this is how the global goals bus that went around Times Square on September 20, promoted the movement

Hence what women really want is quality education for all girls, an end to all kinds of violence against women, and the right to make their own choices. Let's hope the Global Goals succeeds in achieving gender equality so we can all live in a world where our daughters and sisters are not constantly discriminated against.