Pakistan has the second highest bulge of population, which comes under the section of youth. Nevertheless, according to the current condition of Pakistan, almost every adolescent endorses the fact that our country is plagued by sheer joblessness. Conferring to the reports, Pakistan scores 0.63 on the common wealth youth development and slating in 22nd position out of 54 countries. In addition, youth unemployment rate varies 9.90 percent according to the labor statistic. However, the youth is truly inclined towards the government jobs, because of their benefits and accountability, but due to lack of availability and personal bias, most of the deserved individuals do not get these jobs.

Moreover, the other reason behind surplus in unemployment rate is the privatization process of government institutions. This scenario suggests that youth development is becoming a serious challenge which needs to be addressed. As many literate youth are forced to do ordinary jobs, because they have a responsibility to feed their families. At this stage of time, it is requested to government and private sectors to put their focus on this foremost issue of Pakistan, then they will able to identify the real culprit against this misery and take initiatives to counter this menace. This is the only way, we can ensure the safety of our future generations and achieve prosperity Pakistan.


Islamabad, September 7.