Irrespective of the numbers game and chances of opposition’s candidate winning Presidential election, the choice of a controversial candidate Maulana Fazal ur Rahman was very disappointing. As for Maulana Saheb, any man or woman of honor would have himself abstained from offering himself after failing to win from a constituency of his choice in the recent general elections. What has been Maulana’s achievement for past ten years when he held portfolio of Chairman Kashmir Committee, other than enjoying perks of that office.

What prevents our political parties to choose persons of repute, who have achieved international fame and stature in the fields of science, technology, economics or arts etc to hold office of President of Pakistan. One such choice could be Engineer Shamsul Mulk from KPK. While it is a personal choice to have a beard or be clean shaved, it is intellectual capacity and respect that an individual has earned, which qualifies him to be a candidate for post of President of Pakistan. Any noncontroversial religious person with unquestionable integrity who has made a name for himself nationally or internationally would have been welcomed.

Can the PML(N) leadership justify choice of Maulana Fazalur Rahman to contest for presidential slot in Jinnah’s Pakistan. Who so ever in PML(N) made this choice has only proven that merit is least of requirements when it comes to make appointments. In the past we have had similar controversial individuals holding most prestigious post of President of Pakistan by PPP after Benazir Bhutto’s death, and men in uniform holding this office in violation of constitution, to which they had pledged an oath to uphold.


Lahore, September 4.